Important Home Selling Facts

Key steps to selling a home:

1. Choose a REALTOR. This is probably the most important step. You will trust this person to market your property and represent your best interests in the transaction.

2. Determine a price. Your agent should perform a comparative market analysis (CMA) that identifies what properties similar to yours have recently sold for and what prices similar properties are being offered at.

3. Do any repairs to prepare your home for sale. This will allow your home to look its best during showings and bring the highest price.

4. Put your home on the market. Buyers need to know your property is for sale.

5. Showings. Your agent will coordinate all showings and schedule all appointments. It is important to have the home clean at the time of showing and it is best if you are not home. Buyers feel more comfortable when the Sellers are not around.

6. Offers. Your agent will explain the advantages and disadvantages of all offers and assist you in negotiating the best offer available.

7. Closing. Your agent will coordinate all aspects of the closing including ordering title insurance, drafting the deed, transfer return and other necessary closing documents.

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